American Dance Icon is a fresh take on today’s reality dance competition. Contestants will compete for charity while the professionals dance it out to become the first American Dance Icon.


Contestants will be scored by a panel of three judges, a live audience,  and via online voting.

  1. JUDGES will score each couple in five categories:  Creativity, Choreography, Technique, Presentation, and Performance.  Each category will have a maximum score of 20 points; therefore, contestants will have the possibility of getting a grand total score of 100 points, per judge.
  2. LIVE AUDIENCE members will cast Absolut Ballots each Wednesday night voting for their preferred couple!  Each Absolut Ballot vote will count as one (1) point towards the couples overall score.
  3. ONLINE VOTING begins each Saturday, at 12pm (noon) EST and ends on Wednesday, (4 days later) at 12pm (noon) EST.  Voters may cast online ballots five (5) times per day for four (4) days  totaling 20 opportunities for online voting.  Voters have the option to vote exclusively or split their votes between the couples.  Every five (5) online votes will be counted as one (1) point towards the couples overall score.  Each couple may score a maximum of 100 points from online votes.